PhotoForge2 v2.0.1 submitted!

We have submitted PhotoForge2 v2.0.1. Will hopefully be accepted and released within a week.

Changes in this version 

  • Location services are no longer required to load photos. If location services are rejected the default image picker will be used instead and no GPS metadata will be loaded. 
  • For those that do allow location services, you now have the ability to strip this information when sharing your photos online. You may now also disable tagging your image with GPS data when using the built in camera. 
  • Added ability to completely hide editor backgrounds when editing. Added option to set the default opacity of the editor backgrounds as well. This should allow for unobstructed editing when using some of the larger editors like curves, channel mixer, etc. 
  • Added High Pass Filter 
  • Added configurable edge blending and zoom to the polar filter. Making mini planets is easier than ever! 
  • Added camera connection kit RAW support. PhotoForge2 will now always load RAW when available. 
  • Major speed increase to gaussian blur filter 
  • Improved Facebook uploader so that uploaded images are now auto-approved. No longer need to manually login and approve each photo uploaded. 
  • Fixed location services not being disabled when cancelling the image picker. Previously location services could have remained enabled when there was no need. 
  • Fixed metadata getting stripped when emailing your photo. (This is now configurable in settings). 
  • Fixed image picker order so camera roll is always at the top of the list. 
  • Fixed Facebook login problem on devices without multi tasking. 
  • Many other minor graphical and interface fixes. 
  • Various optimizations and speed increases. 



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  1. Digital Artist says:

    Purchased the PhotoForge 2.

    I would have thought that " Touch Exposure & Focus" would have made it into this app as well as Anti-Shake? That seems to be a standard in the top app's and gives the iPhotographer total control.

    Also the app's icon shows a grid over a image, there is no grid layout to be found in the real screen when taking a picture using the camera on the app???

    Is this correct or are these additions "To Come" ?

  2. GhostBird says:

    @Digital Artist PhotoForge2 uses only the standard camera and has not customized it at all yet. We will at some point add a specialized camera and will make sure it has the suggestions you've made. If you have any more suggestions please send them to we love to hear what people want to see next. As for the grid on the icon that is actually a cropping grid which is in PhotoForge2s crop tool 🙂

  3. Thank you for this wonderfull app! It's my favorite one now. Good work guys!

  4. ruhey says:

    Taking iphone edition to the top!!!

  5. Ryan says:

    Fantastic app. One thing I'd like to see is a simple text layer to overlay a copyright notice or similar. I've made my own .png copyright image which is easy enough to place over any image but other users may want an in-app solution.

    Keep up the great work, can't wait to see photoforge2 on iPad 🙂


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