PhotoForge2 v2.0.1 is out, but…

Version 2.0.1 update has been released.  The update however contains a bug which may cause your previous projects to load incorrectly. Dont despair your projects are fine and we’ll have an update submitted with a fix very shortly. Any new projects are unaffected.

Technical details:

After an update apparently the apps directory on disk changes location.  This was unknown to us and could not be tested for.  PhotoForge2 projects use symbolic links to images in its own documents directory.  These soft links are unfortunately absolute paths.  The update has changed the path to the document directory and as such will break the links to most of the images in the projects.  The projects themselves are fine however they just need to have their links repaired after an update.


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  1. Blackbird737 says:


    Just wanted to suggest a select tool for the future, as this is one of my most needed features. I believe this app has the potential to make this tool the right way. While most apps are either missing some of the many required features of this tool or they have all the features with one of the worst interfaces. This tool requires the ability to select a specific area then

    feather the selected area
    fill color into the selected area
    apply filters/effects to the selected area
    move the selected area
    copy the selected area
    rotate the selected area
    resize the selected area
    Clear layer out & around the selected area
    crop out & around the selected area

    Along with the different ways to select an area. Such as with a lasso, magnetic lasso & magic wand tools. Plus shape Templets for easy selection of square, circular, triangular shapes, etc…

    Thank you so much for responding to my previous comment it always make me happy to find app developers who listen

  2. Wonderjimmy says:

    The FB upload feature still doesn't work… -_-"

  3. GhostBird says:

    @Blackbird737 Thanks so much so the detailed suggestion. We will be doing a painting and masking revamp at some point and when we do we will be adding a selection tool. Well be sure to keep in mind what you have mentioned and do our best to add as much as we can. Keep the feedback and suggestions coming!

    @Wonderjimmy Thats no good. What device are you using and what iOS is that device running? What exactly happens when you try to upload to facebook? Does it just fail out?

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