PhotoForge2 Location Services

Why does PhotoForge2 require permission to use location services?

Apple requires developers to get permission anytime we might need access to any location data, including location data already tagged on your photos.  PhotoForge2 tries to retain all of your photos metadata which includes the GPS location.  This information is used only to be presented to you on the photo info screen and you are able to edit it to your liking.  

Why do other apps not need location services?

Any app that is preserving the photos metadata is required by Apple to request it.  So most likely they simply are discarding the metadata.  This is infact what the default image picker does.

So why not use the default image picker?

Well for one its ugly, weve completely customized the image picker in PhotoForge2.  Secondly the PhotoForge2 image picker also allows access to the iTunes documents folder while the default picker does not.

I dont care, I never want to use location services. Can you fix that?

Yes we will update the app so if you reject location services then you will see the normal picker and will lose the ability to load from the documents directory. 

How do i turn locations services back on if i previously rejected them?

Exit PhotoForge2, open the Settings App, click on ‘Location Services’ near the top, first ensure that location services are enabled, then scroll down until you find PhotoForge2 and make sure it is set to ‘On’.


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  1. Blackbird737 says:


    there is no option to rotate or align photos ? why?
    along with cloning tool & brushes back from original and a quick preview before applying an effect plus an undo button when working with layer masks

    Thanks for making this app
    love the interface very different
    would be perfect if these features could be added
    Thanks again

  2. Ali says:

    My biggest frustration with native iPad/iPhone application was

    – inability to transfer images to/from iPad/iPhone without loosing quality/resolution
    – inability to delete images on iPad/iPhone.

    Can you confirm if these functions are possible with PhotoForge2 ?

    Thank you

  3. Digital Artist says:

    Purchased the PhotoForge 2.

    I would have thought that " Touch Exposure & Focus" would have made it into this app as well as Anti-Shake? That seems to be a standard in the top app's and gives the iPhotographer total control.

    Also the app's icon shows a grid over a image, there is no grid layout to be found in the real screen when taking a picture using the camera on the app???

    Is this correct or are these additions "To Come" ?

  4. GhostBird says:

    @blackbird737 Yes this was an oversight by us, the rotation editor will be coming very soon. cloning and brush tools will also be coming back at some point. undo and redo for mask editing will be here soon also 🙂

    @Ali PhotoForge2 will never resize your image. You will always be working with and saving your full resolution image. To guarantee they are full res when importing to your device use the iTunes file sharing feature and import directly into PhotoForge2. As for deleting photos from your photo albums. That can only be done from Apple default photo app.

  5. Jiri says:

    How do I delete photos from the Documents folder in Photoforge2 once I don't need them there any more?

    Thank you.

  6. GhostBird says:

    @Jiri you need to use iTunes to delete them. Select the ones you want to delete and hit the delete key.

  7. Great app ! The first app for an iphone which supports IPTC !!!
    …and some many useful image processing tools …wow
    My wish list for the future:
    – bigger iptc fields, specially caption
    – and the iptc fields: creation date, city, sublocation, state, country
    – option to fill these fields from exif data
    – option to copy the whole metadata set and to paste it in an other image
    – export of the metadata as xmp
    – editable lists for keywords, city, photographer, etc.
    Kind regards

  8. Jay says:

    Hi! The new ver. sounds great. I wondered if you had a list of ALL the features so I can compare it to the version I am using now? And can you tell me if this version has a type tool for adding and formatting text on the image?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!
    Kind regards, Jay

  9. treezy says:

    how can i set a picture i created on photoforge2 as my wallpaper on my phone?

  10. Dylan says:

    How do i delete the document folder once i edited the photo??

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