Iny Asian Dance Theater

Everyone Is A Dancer Inside

If you’re looking to learn Asian dance in Saint Paul Minnesota, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you have 10 years experience or none, 6 years old or 35 we have a place for you.

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More About IADT

Explosive, beautiful, traditional, and fiercely contemporary - INY Asian Dance Theater was established in 2000 by INY Mai Yang Xiong as the first Hmong Dance studio ever developed in the United States. Their vision is to preserve and share with the world the beauty of cultural Asian folk dances and discover new and modern Asian dances. IADT is currently located in Maplewood, Minnesota and has seven dance instructors and over 180 dancers. They specialize in a wide range of Asian dances: Hmong, Miao, Thai, Chinese, Dai, acrobatic contemporary Chinese, Mongolian, and Bollywood. IADT has traveled and performed in Thailand, Laos, China, Korea, and all over the United States, consistently thrilling audiences and taking top honors at Hmong New Year’s competitions across the country.

  • Award winning since 2000
  • Choreograph original dance rountines
  • Co-created and performed YIYUSA dance drama
  • Performed around the world: China, Korea, Laos
  • Perform at community events
  • The only male dance group in Hmong community
  • Foster contemporary Asian dance styles; Bollywood, Chinese, Dai, Hmong, Miao, Mongolian, Thai

    Iny Xiong


    Iny started teaching dance in 2000 and formed IADT in 2011. She has taught 15+ dance teams and more than 200 dance routines in Hmong, Thai, Chinese and Bollywood.

    Mickie Vang

    Dance Instructor

    Mickie is a former dancer of MN SunShine, 2003 - 2017. She started her dance teaching career in 2012 and is the current instructor of MN SunShine & Silver Skies.

    XueFeng Lee

    Dance Instructor

    XueFeng - former member of Hmong Heroes. He started teaching in 2014 and is the dance instructor of Dancing Mist.

    Julia Vang

    Dance Instructor

    Julia was a dancer of IADT for 7 years before she started her dance teaching career. She is the dance instructor of SnowFlakes and Stardust, 2013 - current.

    Andreanna Yang

    Dance Instructor

    Andreanna has 14 years of dance experience and is a former member of MN SunShine. She is the dance instructor for Divine Lights.

    Maichia Thao

    Dance Instructor

    Maichia - former member of MN SunShine, with 13+ years of dance experience. She is currently teaching Cosmic Clouds.

    YangChee Yang

    Dance Instructor

    Yangchee has 14 years of dance experience and is a former member of Hmong Heroes. He is also the dance instructor of Mystic Moon 2015 - current, and Rain’s Rhythm.

    See Xiong

    Dance Instructor & Dancer

    See has been an active dancer in MN SunShine dance team since 2006. She is the dance instructor for Rainbow.

    Jennie Vang

    Dance Instructor & Dancer

    Jennie is the dance instructor for Shimmering Sea and Hmong Heroes. She started teaching in 2011 and created the 1st All-Hmong-Male dance group, Hmong Heroes. She is IADT’s longest-time dancer; she has been dancing for 16 years!