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Amazing PhotoForge2 video tutorial by photographer Taylor Allen

PhotoForge v2.1.1 submitted to the App Store

Heres the change list.

  • Added auto resizing when loading images that are too big for your device.  Resizing is only done when there is not enough memory to load the un-resized version.  Will help prevent crashes when loading large resolution images on the original iPad and 3G/3GS devices.  Full control over the auto sizes is available from the settings screen (tap on the PhotoForge logo at the top of the app).
  • Added ability set default IPTC info which can be applied to photos without having to re-enter the same info each time.
  • Added ability to view EXIF metadata from the photo info screen.
  • Reduced the amount of memory used during frames, textures, vignette and Pop! Cam operations that could sometimes cause crashes when using very large images.
  • Improved the support for some RAW formats that would load low resolution previews when another source was available.
  • Added mailing list sign up form in the settings menu.  Sign up to receive updates about major new versions, tutorials, contests, beta tests and upcoming new apps. 
  • Improved metadata support for some RAW formats.
  • Fixed rare hang when beginning an upload to Dropbox.
  • Fixed hang on Pop! Cam in app purchase dialog when in-app purchases have been disabled.
  • Changed uploader behaviour to always display the default title and description.

PhotoForge2 v2.1 Submitted to the App Store

Heres the change list:

  • Native iPad support is here!  PhotoForge2 is now a universal application and fully supports the iPad.  All the functionality in the iPhone version is now available in the full resolution of the iPad.
  • Mask painting has been dramatically improved.  Painting is now incredibly fast even on super large images.  
  • New composition mode while mask painting allows you to see the layers below, making masking the easiest way to selectively apply filters and effects to your photos.
  • Cropping handles have been redesigned and implemented making cropping much easier to control than before.
  • The rotation gesture in the cropping tool has been removed and replaced with 1 degree rotation buttons. 
  • Added ability to save photos back to the documents directory.  Making it very easy to get your images back onto your computer.
  • Can now save images in JPEG, PNG and TIFF.  PNG and TIFF will maintain any transparency in your images.  (Not all upload locations support all image formats).
  • Can now control compression quality of JPEG.
  • Added a bunch more IPTC fields that can be edited.
  • Added an address input field when editing GPS location information on the map screen.
  • Added ability to manually remove GPS info from an image on the map screen.
  • Added a control to all uploaders that will allow selectively striping meta data from images when uploading.
  • Adjustments, Effects, Tools and Uploader lists now save your last location so the last used item will be the first item in your list.
  • Increased the size of the handles in the levels editor which should make them easier to grab.
  • Added a link to online tutorials in the main menu.
  • Fixed Facebook uploader crashes on certain devices and versions of iOS.
  • Fixed many iOS 5 related issues.
  • Lots and lots of other bug fixes and tweaks.


PhotoForge2 iPad Beta Testers Needed

The next update to PhotoForge2 will come with native iPad support.  We are nearing completion of this version and are looking for some avid PhotoForge2 users to help test on the iPad.  Specifically we want people that are already very familiar with PhotoForge2 and are willing to help find bugs and give good feedback.  If you are interested below are the requirements and instructions on how to apply.


  • Must be fluent in English.  Unfortunately we only speak English so to ensure communication is a easy as possible we ask that only strong English speakers apply.
  • Must own an iPad, either generation is fine.
  • Must be willing to provide specific steps to reproduce bugs.
  • Must be willing to exhaustively experiment with all of PhotoForge2s features


To Apply:

Send the following list of information to 

  1. Full name
  2. Brief introduction of yourself
  3. The UUID of your iPad and what generation it is.
  4. Tell us why you think you would be a good candidate for this
  5. Tell us how you typically use PhotoForge2 (or the original PhotoForge)


App of the week sale, online manual, layers tutorial and iPad beta testing

Earlier this week PhotoForge2 was awarded iPhone app of the week.  For the last couple days of this promotion PhotoForge2 will be on sale again for $0.99.  We want to get PhotoForge2 into as many hands as possible while its still in the spotlight.  So as of right now PhotoForge2 is on sale for a very limited time!

Due to popular demand we have added an online version of the PhotoForge2 manual.  The latest version of the manual can be found at

Another popular request we get is for tutorials, specifically about layers and masking.  While we do have a plan for a large set of tutorials we decided to fast track a layers and masking tutorial which can now be found at

Finally, the universal version of PhotoForge2 which will include native iPad support is nearly at beta.  Starting next week we will be recruiting beta testers that are willing to help us find any bugs and issues with the iPad version.  Stay tuned for more info coming next week.

Check out the new PhotoForge2 feedback and support page.

Want something added or changed in PhotoForge2?  Submit your idea or vote on others, or just check out whats planned and what were currently working on @


PhotoForge2 V2.0.2 Submitted!

PhotoForge v2.0.2 has been submitted to the App Store for review.  This update contains a fix for project bug in the v2.0.1 as well as a bunch of new features.  

Changes in v2.0.2

  • Added Rotation Editor. 
  • Added Vignette Editor (8 different vignette styles with full intensity control). 
  • Added Color Balance Adjustment Editor. 
  • Added Colorize Adjustment Editor. 
  • Added Device to Device image transfer. You can now easily transfer photos between your devices. 
  • Added ability to invert layer masks. 
  • Changed the behaviour of the shadows & highlights adjustment to give much better results. 
  • Greatly improved performance of crop and layer transform tools. 
  • Fix for projects not loading properly after update to previous version.
  • Fix for graphical corruption when repeatedly cropping huge images. 
  • Fix for rare bug on iOS 4.2.1 that may cause app to become unresponsive when no wifi connection is available. 
  • Minor graphics improvements and fixes. 
  • A few minor bug fixes. 

PhotoForge2 v2.0.1 is out, but…

Version 2.0.1 update has been released.  The update however contains a bug which may cause your previous projects to load incorrectly. Dont despair your projects are fine and we’ll have an update submitted with a fix very shortly. Any new projects are unaffected.

Technical details:

After an update apparently the apps directory on disk changes location.  This was unknown to us and could not be tested for.  PhotoForge2 projects use symbolic links to images in its own documents directory.  These soft links are unfortunately absolute paths.  The update has changed the path to the document directory and as such will break the links to most of the images in the projects.  The projects themselves are fine however they just need to have their links repaired after an update.

PhotoForge2 v2.0.1 submitted!

We have submitted PhotoForge2 v2.0.1. Will hopefully be accepted and released within a week.

Changes in this version 

  • Location services are no longer required to load photos. If location services are rejected the default image picker will be used instead and no GPS metadata will be loaded. 
  • For those that do allow location services, you now have the ability to strip this information when sharing your photos online. You may now also disable tagging your image with GPS data when using the built in camera. 
  • Added ability to completely hide editor backgrounds when editing. Added option to set the default opacity of the editor backgrounds as well. This should allow for unobstructed editing when using some of the larger editors like curves, channel mixer, etc. 
  • Added High Pass Filter 
  • Added configurable edge blending and zoom to the polar filter. Making mini planets is easier than ever! 
  • Added camera connection kit RAW support. PhotoForge2 will now always load RAW when available. 
  • Major speed increase to gaussian blur filter 
  • Improved Facebook uploader so that uploaded images are now auto-approved. No longer need to manually login and approve each photo uploaded. 
  • Fixed location services not being disabled when cancelling the image picker. Previously location services could have remained enabled when there was no need. 
  • Fixed metadata getting stripped when emailing your photo. (This is now configurable in settings). 
  • Fixed image picker order so camera roll is always at the top of the list. 
  • Fixed Facebook login problem on devices without multi tasking. 
  • Many other minor graphical and interface fixes. 
  • Various optimizations and speed increases. 


PhotoForge2 Location Services

Why does PhotoForge2 require permission to use location services?

Apple requires developers to get permission anytime we might need access to any location data, including location data already tagged on your photos.  PhotoForge2 tries to retain all of your photos metadata which includes the GPS location.  This information is used only to be presented to you on the photo info screen and you are able to edit it to your liking.  

Why do other apps not need location services?

Any app that is preserving the photos metadata is required by Apple to request it.  So most likely they simply are discarding the metadata.  This is infact what the default image picker does.

So why not use the default image picker?

Well for one its ugly, weve completely customized the image picker in PhotoForge2.  Secondly the PhotoForge2 image picker also allows access to the iTunes documents folder while the default picker does not.

I dont care, I never want to use location services. Can you fix that?

Yes we will update the app so if you reject location services then you will see the normal picker and will lose the ability to load from the documents directory. 

How do i turn locations services back on if i previously rejected them?

Exit PhotoForge2, open the Settings App, click on ‘Location Services’ near the top, first ensure that location services are enabled, then scroll down until you find PhotoForge2 and make sure it is set to ‘On’.