App of the week sale, online manual, layers tutorial and iPad beta testing

Earlier this week PhotoForge2 was awarded iPhone app of the week.  For the last couple days of this promotion PhotoForge2 will be on sale again for $0.99.  We want to get PhotoForge2 into as many hands as possible while its still in the spotlight.  So as of right now PhotoForge2 is on sale for a very limited time!

Due to popular demand we have added an online version of the PhotoForge2 manual.  The latest version of the manual can be found at

Another popular request we get is for tutorials, specifically about layers and masking.  While we do have a plan for a large set of tutorials we decided to fast track a layers and masking tutorial which can now be found at

Finally, the universal version of PhotoForge2 which will include native iPad support is nearly at beta.  Starting next week we will be recruiting beta testers that are willing to help us find any bugs and issues with the iPad version.  Stay tuned for more info coming next week.

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  1. Grubmeyer says:

    Ask and ye shall receive. Well I didn't really ask, but I did find the answer that I was looking for. I've been patiently waiting for the launch of the iPad version and it looks likely will soon be upon us! Keep up the awesome work Ghostbird (and if you needed any testers, I'd be glad to help).

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